SCM 1.0 Ducati Monster

24 year old builder, Simone Conti, started this project with the popular Ducati Monster 900 but it has evolved into something much more.  What he ended up creating, dubbed the SCM 1.0, is a handmade carbon fiber and aluminum mixture of engineering awesomeness.

The aluminum skeletal frame has the same geometry as the original Ducati trellis frame and was cut by a CNC machine.  Although not visible in the photos, he frame does have the tubular reinforcements hidden on the inside. Conti assures skeptics that the frame is perfect and does not move.

Although there’s not much of it, the bodywork is made from a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum.

The custom made 2 into 1 exhaust system snakes it’s way around the Ohlins shock and exits through a carbon fiber muffler.

For more info, check out Simone Conti’s Facebook page.

[source: bikeexif]

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