Revolutionary New Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Wheel from Rotobox

Slovanian manufacturer Rotobox recently showcased a new design concept for composite wheels with the introduction of their RBX wheels.

Carbon fiber motorcycle wheels have been around for a few years now but this is the first we’ve seen that has hollow spokes that increase the air volume.  According to Rotobox, the benefits of the increased air volume are improved tire grip and tire temperature. Lightweight wheels also contribute to significantly improved handling as there is less unsprung weight.   Acceleration and braking becomes much easier, faster and smoother.

Specs for the RBX wheels are as follows:


  • Dry carbon technology composite for body
  • Stainless steel wire for rim
  • Powder coated 7075 aluminum alloy for hubs and sprocket carrier
  • 7075 aluminum alloy for spacers
  • Polyurethane for dumpers
  • SKF bearings
  • Aluminum race air valve


  • Front: 3.5” x 16.5”, 17”
  • Rear: 6” x 16.5”, 17”


  • Measured dimension: Front 3.5” x 17”, Rear 6” x 17”
  • Complete set of wheels without brake rotors and sprocket
  • Depending on motorcycle; from 6800g (15 lbs) to 7100g (15.5 lbs)

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