The Cyrus: Mansory’s Carbon Fiber Version of the Aston Martin DBS

Mansory is renowned for creating aggressive looking vehicles, but with the Cyrus, named after the first Persian Emperor, they have simply gone nuclear. Based on the Astom Martin DB9 or DBS, only 15 of these masterpieces were made.

The front end is so ornate you have to see the thing to comprehend it at all. Each of the blades is another strip of carbon-fibre, every loving contour catches the light and the perfectly laid chunky knit fibres shine through the deep, lustrous varnish.

It draws the eye to each and every ripple and that monster power bulge in the hood. Even the vent down its side is produced in perfect carbon-fibre and from every angle this beast looks hardcore and beyond. The roofscoop serves no purpose, but then it is fun.

The sides are flared like a beefed up DBS with the wide front arches pinned to the door with carbon-fibre. At the back the diffuser belongs on a race car, as does the single-plane rear wing and the exhausts sit inside a square case like two shotgun barrels.

The Mansory Performance Kit consisting of Sport Manifolds, Catalysers and Mufflers made of stainless steel supporting the masculine  aerodynamic power pack.  In addition, an optimally adjusted coilover suspension lowers the center of gravity of this noble sports car and renders perfect road holding characteristics.

With a 540bhp V12 under the hood and approximately 70kg of weight stripped thanks to the carbon bodywork, the DBS-based creation would be plenty fast enough, and more than loud enough.

As has lowering the suspension. It’s about more than the look, as the Cyrus feels that touch keener in the bend. It skips off ruts now and makes driving an occasion even at lower speeds, and we certainly get enough attention.

2010 Mansory Cyrus
Base Price: $620,000
Type of vehicle: Rear-wheel drive GT
Engine: Six-liter V12
Power/Torque: 500bhp/590Nm
0-100kph: 4.5s
Top speed: 300kph

[via Mansory]

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